Lesbian Couple Looking to get Pregnant – ww4m – 24

Lesbian Couple looking to get Pregnant

We are a married lesbian couple looking to have a child. However, us being two women we’re missing one important ingredient… sperm. We have tried sperm banks, but all we get is a picture of the donor, and other limited information. We would like to know more about our sperm donor such as personality, how they advanced in life, etc.

Race is not an issue with us as we wouldn’t mind raising a bi-racial child (we are African-American), also sexual preference is not as issue. We do, however, prefer that our donor is a tall, and attractive.

If you are interested we ask that you contact us via e-mail and we’ll start talking to you concerning this. We do have some ground rules however.

1) You must be willing to give up all parental rights to the child, we would like to raise this child as our own and do not expect the donor to be financially responsible for the child.

2) You must be willing to submit to a background check (I’m sorry, but we prefer to deal with someone who doesn’t have a background doing anything violent like rape, murder, or assault)

3) You must be willing to submit to a full STD screening at the facility of our choice (we will gladly pay for the screening)

4) Compensation for your services will be provided if you request, however you would only be compensated if pregnacy happens.

5) You must be willing to understand our position, and respect us as we will respect you.

6) If you don’t feel comfortable having sex, we do respect that and will be willing to use other methods. And, if we don’t feel comfortable having sex with you (for whatever reasons) we do ask that you respect our position as well.

If you’re interested we ask that you please e-mail us so we can begin to talk concerning this. W eare looking to become pregnant around August. We thank those with serious inquries only.


This ad was originally posted on 7/31/10 at 7:27 p.m. – Came across link on tigerdroppings.com

7 thoughts on “Lesbian Couple Looking to get Pregnant – ww4m – 24

  1. Hi Gals,Your post is really interesting, if you still searching , here I am & happy to help you both if your interested but I am residing in Bangalore India, I agree for all your condition & I respect you both & your sexual preference.you can get in touch with me on o_sum69@yahoo.com


  2. Hey just read your post and i wouldnt mind helping if your interested send me an email thanks and hope your search goes well

  3. I am interested in helping a loving caring couple. I will donate in any manner you and your spouse prefer. I already have six children of my own. l am ready to sign away rights and I have no interest in interfering with your lives.

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